Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Long-Forgotten MLBB Shade

Having had a few interviews with recruitment agencies in the past week or so, I've been reaching for 'my lips but better' (or MLBB) lipstick shades in an effort to look polished. One of my absolute favourites is MAC Viva Glam V but I bought it before I was unemployed and at £14 it's not the most budget-friendly option for jobseekers.

Today I rediscovered this little beauty in my lipstick drawer, sadly looking a bit battered but doing the job nicely.

Sadly discontinued, NYC Ultra Moist LipWear in 323B 'Buff Chamois' is a creme neutral rose with a slightly glossy finish and a cushion-y, comfortable feeling on the lips. This shade (and the rest of the range) are widely and cheaply available on eBay though, if you're in the market for a job-interview-every-day-office-wear-type lipstick.

Light swatch - Heavy swatch

I really recommend checking this one out. It's such a shame they discontinued this line as they are so comfortable to wear- really moisturising and balmy, which is perfect for long days at work or nerve-wracking interviews.


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imogenmaxwell said...

Hey RaeRae! Great post :) Just out of curiosity, do you take your piercing out when you go to job interviews (if you're applying for office jobs)? I'm keen to get one but will be looking for work soon, and I'm not sure how open-minded interviewers will be...

Deja Eva said...

I have been meaning to post about something like this on one of my blogs and this has given me an idea. Thanks.
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