Thursday, 20 December 2012

Quick Review: MUA Professional Eye Primer

When MUA released an eye primer at the bargain price of £2.50, I was pretty excited. I actually picked it up ages ago when I thought my George primer was running out but hadn't got a chance to use it until recently.

I actually like that it comes in a sleek tube with a doefoot applicator, because anything in a squeezy tube just seems to separate and need smushing around before you can use it.

The product is a creamy consistency, easy to blend out and is a very pale concealer-type colour that blends out to invisibility. I don't think this would leave an ashy cast on darker skintones as you need so little product and it doesn't seem to leave any pigmentation on the skin.

I used Darling Girl's 'Crypt Keeper' for these swatches and as you can see the shadow is more vibrant and the shimmer is more rich when it's applied over the primer. This primer has a slightly sticky finish to it so it really helps shadows cling to the eyelids and appear true-to-pan.

Wearing this for long periods of time I've found that it can crease if I carelessly apply too much, but if I make sure to spread a tiny amount over the lids then there's not a crease in sight. Definitely recommended!

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AllMadeUp said...

Once all my other primers are finished I'm going straight out to pick this up. Heard loads about it. I also love the shadow you swatched it's gorgeous! :)